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About Us

Trinetra Purva School of Dance was founded in the year 2019.

The school aims at teaching Bharathanatyam to aspiring artists. The school is very inclusive of age and gender, all that is required is the interest and willingness to learn the art form. 


 Founder and Director of  Trinetra Purva -Ms. Vajra Balaji

Ms. Vajra Balaji has completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Bharathanatyam and is pursing her PhD in Bharathanatyam. She has started learning this art form from the age of 6. Her interest and passion towards the dance has made her what she is today.

Along with her Guru and her blessings she has performed on various prestigious stages – Tirumala Tirupathi Temple, Guruvayur Temple, Kabaleshwara Temple, Mahabalipuram and in various Sabha’s in Chennai. She has also performed in various parts of India – Haridwar, Mount Abu, etc. Based on her expertise, she was selected to dance in the India – China Summit, 2019.  She has graced multiple events with her dance performance, including corporate gatherings. 

She was invited by Krishna College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore to be a Guest Speaker on her journey in her career and was asked to enlighten the students on how to carry forward their career. 

At Trinetra Purva

In Trinetra Purva, Ms. Vajra Balaji individually attends to every student and makes sure they are taught every nuance of the dance. Apart from being taught the practical aspects of Bharathanatyam, the students are also taught the theoretical aspects and the various Hindu Mythological Stories, as it is necessary for each student to know the characters and the story line.

The dance course in Trinetra Purva are segmented into three levels 

  •  Beginner

  •  Intermediate

  •  Advance

Each student will be auditioned before hand and would be enrolled into the required level. All the classes would be handled personally by the Director. 

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