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Each student will be auditioned before hand and would be enrolled into the required level. All the classes will be handled personally by the Director. 


Beginner Level

  • Prayer & Slokas

  • Introduction to Adavus

  • Learning of Adavus

  • Introduction to Single Hand Gestures (Asamyutha Hasta)

  • Learning the Gestures

  • Introduction to Double Hand Gestures (Samyutha Hasta)

  • Learning the Gestures

  • Basic Theory on Evolution of Bharathanatyam

  • Introduction to Puranas and stories

Intermediate Level

  • Introduction to Margam Repertoire 

  • Learning each piece in the Repertoire

  • Introduction to Songs

  • Learning the choreography for the Song

  • Learning the Padabhedas, Chari, Gati, Utplavana &  Bhramari 

  • Forms of Bharathanatyam

  • Various Bani-s of Bharathanatyam

  • Learning the usage of Asamyutha & Samyutha Hastas

Advance Level

  • The Ashtanayikas (Theory & Practical)

  • The Navarasas (Theory & Practical)

  • Talam

  • Nayaka – Nayikabheda

  • Abhinaya

  • Karnas

  • Sirobhedha (Gestures of Head)

  • Dristibheda (Eye movements)

  • Grivabheda (Neck Movements)

  • More Hastas will be taught.

(Time duration depends on individual student)    

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